To deploy a Marimo on Ploomber Cloud you need:


If you’re on a free account, back up your work because your app can be terminated if inactive. If you need Marimo deployed with production settings, contact us

Deploy from the menu

You can deploy Marimo to Ploomber Cloud and use it as a development environment. First, create an account.

Then, download the files from the example, create a .zip file and deploy it using the Docker option:

To download and deploy Marimo start by installing Ploomber Cloud and setting your API key:

pip install ploomber-cloud
ploomber-cloud key YOUR-KEY


If you don’t have an API key yet, follow the instructions here.

Now, download the Marimo example. It will prompt you for a location to download the app. To download in the current directory, just press enter.

ploomber-cloud examples docker/marimo

You should see a confirmation with instructions on deploying your app. Now, navigate to your application:

# this is the default location
cd marimo/

Deploy from the CLI

Initialize and deploy your app with:

ploomber-cloud init
ploomber-cloud deploy

You can view the deployed application by logging in to your Ploomber Cloud account.