Pricing overview#


Ploomber Cloud Community#

Free, no credit card required

  • 2 concurrent apps max

  • Apps are stopped every 12 hours if they receive no traffic (users can restart them)

  • If an app remains stopped for 36 hours, it’s cleaned up

  • 2 vCPU per app max

  • 4 GiB RAM per app max

  • Deployment limited (one every 5 minutes)

  • Random app name assigned to each deployment (e.g.,

  • Deployment artifact limited to 50MB

  • Public Slack support

Ploomber Cloud Professional#

Starting at $10/month

  • 10 concurrent apps max

  • 3 apps running 24/7 max (the rest are stopped, but can be restarted)

  • 2 vCPU per app (can upgrade hardware with on-demand resources)

  • 4 GiB RAM per app (can upgrade hardware with on-demand resources)

  • Unlimited deployment rate

  • Custom app name (e.g.,

  • Custom domains (i.e., serve your app from

  • App password protection

  • Faster app builds

  • Deployment artifact limited to 200MB

  • Email support, and optional, dedicated Slack channel

Ploomber Cloud Enterprise#

Customized plan to suit your needs. Send us an email to