Document processing

Document processing#


The serverless functions is free while in beta. Community users get 10 calls per day, PRO users get 100 calls per day.

You can use Ploomber Cloud’s API to process PDFs and have them ready for LLM processing. First, install the client:

pip install ploomber-cloud --upgrade


Ensure you’re running the latest version of ploomber-cloud since the API will change over the beta period.

Ensure you set your API key, and then you’ll be able to use the API:

from ploomber_cloud import functions

# pass the path to the pdf file
result = functions.pdf_to_text("document.pdf")


functions.pdf_to_text only works with native PDFs, if you have a scanned PDF, use functions.pdf_scanned_to_text instead.

result will be a list (one per page in the PDF) with the text.

By default, functions.pdf_to_text will wait until processing is done, you can pass block=False to return immediately:

jobid = functions.pdf_to_text("document.pdf", block=False)

Then, you can get the result:

result = functions.get_result(jobid)