GitHub deployment#

You can use GitHub Actions to deploy your project on each push.

First, you need to get your API key. Once you have the API key, you need to store it as a GitHub secret in your repository:

Then, install the CLI:

# install package
pip install ploomber-cloud

And set the API key locally:

ploomber-cloud key YOURKEY

Now, configure your project:

ploomber-cloud init

init will create a ploomber-cloud.json file. For more information on the init command, see Command-line interface

Now, configure GitHub actions by adding this YAML file in .github/workflows/ploomber-cloud.yaml

Finally, commit and push the new files:

# commit ploomber cloud and github actions config files
git add ploomber-cloud.json .github/workflows/ploomber-cloud.yaml
git commit -m 'configure github actions deployment'
git push

Once you push, you can monitor progress from GitHub. First, go to the actions section:

Then, click on the most recent run, and you’ll see the logs:

In the logs, you’ll see a URL that you can use to track progress.

A complete sample project is available here.