Shiny (R)#

To deploy a Shiny R application to Ploomber Cloud you need:

  • A startApp.R file (a script to start the App)

  • An install.R file (a script to install dependencies)

  • An app.R file (your Shiny code)

Required files#

You can use this template to get started. The startApp.R will remain the same, but you need to modify install.R and app.R.

In the install.R file, add all the dependencies that you need for your application to run. And put your application logic in the app.R file.

Testing locally#

To test your Shiny app, you can run the following commands locally:

# Install dependencies
Rscript install.R

# Start the application
Rscript startApp.R


Once you have all your files, create a zip file.

To deploy a Shiny app from the deployment menu, select the Shiny (R) option and follow the instructions: